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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Young mum stigma!

Why? Why is it ok for strangers to say "oh you look too young to have kids" and give you a disgusted look on their face!?

I get it all the time at work, customers who I get talking with, my heart fills with joy when I talk about my kids, and then a remark like that just pops my little bubble of happiness, what is the correct response to this? Because I have no idea. I mean, just imagine if I approached an 'older' lady as a customer and said "oh, you look too old to have kids" there would be outrage! So why is it ok to do it to 'young' mums?  What makes us any less capable to be good parents at 18 compared to 25+? 

18, the age i was when I had Lexi, we did everything on our own, yes with a little help from the government, we got ourselves a council flat, and received benefits on and off. I started my job at tescos when Lexi was 11 months old, Craig got a perminant job, and we were off of benefits (yay) and we haven't gone back since! Lexi was potty trained by 2, says please and thank you and is the happiest little girl, we decided on another baby after we got married, baby Jake arrived, is now 8 months old and a happy little chappy! Him and his sister are always laughing and playing together and I am immensely proud! Don't get me wrong though, they have their moments, but discipline and consistancy means I am always in control in stressful situations! 

So tell me now that young mums aren't capable? Because even if I do say so myself, I've done a pretty good job!