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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Oh, you look tired!

Why is it ok.. When you've just had a baby, or pregnant, or just decided to have a no make up day, do people think it's ok to say "oh, you look tired" What is the correct response to this statement?!? 

People say it to me all the time when I am not wearing make up.. When I do wear make up I get "oh, you're looking really well" I got this a lot whilst pregnant, and I just used to say "nope, just wearing make up today!" Does anyone else find it odd when some one openly states that you look tired because to me, it's basically saying you look rough, not very nice, like poop! 

Obviously I know that when I wear make up I look slightly better, but you don't need to point it out that every time I have a bare face I look "tired" 

Would love to hear your opinions on this, does any one else have this and find it just as annoying as I do! Or is their anything else that really grinds on you? Let me know, comment below :) 


  1. Hi Stacy, I'm a new blogger as well, I found you through Twitter. This post made me laugh, because I was just thinking about this yesterday. I had a baby in March and I'm fed up of people saying I look tired. For me though, I take it to mean 'you're not coping', but perhaps I'm being too sensitive. Also the minute I put make up on, my health visitor suddenly came out with 'you're looking well', so it's definitely not just you! Kay x

  2. So so so glad I am not on my own here! Oh don't think that! I bet you are doing a great job! I am back to work today and will probably make an effort and wear make up! I am preparing myself for the "you look so well" comments! Lol! Thanks for commenting! Xx