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Friday, 30 May 2014


Baby #OOTD 

This outfit is by far my favorite, you can't beat a pair of dungarees, especially on boys! The top underneath has little blue whales on with the odd yellow whale, I absolutely love it! I am going to be devastated when he grows out of it! 

Dungarees and top are a set, from Marks and Spencer's and I think it was around £18 it was a gift from Craig's Aunty I must add! 

Also it doesn't come with the squished banana he had for lunch on his chest!! He is just saving that for later ;) 

:) xx

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mummy's morning!

A Mothers morning is not like any other, and I find can sometimes take some preparation. Which is crazy, to have to prepare just to wake up! If things aren't done in the evening, it can change your whole morning dynamic! For instance, I am laying in bed right now knowing that there is a couple of bowls in the sink, where I would normally make sure all washing up was done before I go to bed, tonight I was lazy and have not. Therefor I will now wake up, look at the washing up and sigh! Blurgh! I am tempted to get up and do them now just to make my morning easier, and it's 12:25am! 

I know all Mothers know the struggle of getting out of bed at 5-6am because your toddler is ready for the day and demanding breakfast, but it never gets any easier, not for me anyway. The bright side of this is that you have plenty of time to get everything done! Tomorrow Lexi will be eating breakfast and I will be washing up.. Falling asleep over the sink, while Jakes breakfast is cooling down! Always when I am in the middle of feeding Jake, without fail, Lexi will need the toilet and insist I go with her. 

So you have washed up the couple of bowls you regrettably left in the sink last night, fed the kids, washed up again from breakfast and let's not forget inbetween all this is nappy changes, toilet trips, a crying baby and a toddler very distressed because she has spilt her weetabix all down herself and on the floor, resulting in her treading in it and being even more distressed! This happens often, actually I would say every morning! 

When this is all done, it is time to put some washing on, fold the washing you had drying from yesterday to make room for the new washing to be hung, because if you don't do this you will most definitely fall behind and struggle to find a pair of clean socks to wear (I am so glad it is summer, hardly ever wear socks) and because I hang dry my washing I have to do it really early, to make sure it is dry for the next load, tomorrow morning! 

You may of noticed I have not had breakfast, we sometimes forget to eat in the mornings, or is it just me? 

Now it is time to settle the children down so you can, you know, wash! While Jake is so young, he will have a morning nap around 8, this is when I will shower! I put the T.V on for Lexi, but you can be sure she will wonder in the bathroom and come and talk to me, she has started to use this time to brush her teeth also, which I love! 3 minute shower (which is a talent us Mothers hold) with the door wide open, and the shower curtain only half closed, it is a case (for me anyway) of bunging some clothes on and then getting the kids ready for their day, Which let's face it, takes the most time, for having arguments about having a bath, getting dressed and having hair done! Jake is obviously easy to get sorted he doesn't argue with me yet! However he has this thing, as soon as he is dressed... puke! 

If I decide to wear make up, another talent us mums have is 5 minute make up, while walking around the house checking on children and having your toddler grabbing all your make up! I can go without make up though, but I would say I wear it on more days then I don't wear it! 

So you're ready, kids are ready it is 9am, you haven't yet sat down and it is time to start the day....

of housework. 

But at least the kids are relaxed!!!

How do your mornings go, I would love to hear your stories, just leave a cheeky comment.

:) xx

Friday, 23 May 2014


All you mumma's out there who work full time, I applaud you! I have been back at work for 3 weeks now, and let me tell you... It is hard! I chose to work evenings so that my husband would be in for the kids, I finish at 10, sometimes 11 and then I am up again at 5:30 - 6, depending on what time the kids feel like waking up. It's never after 6am though! 

When people say to me "oh you part timer" when i stroll into work at 6pm, what they don't know is that I am always working, being a mum is a full time job in itself! Us working mums never get a day off, a day off from work doesn't mean a lay in, or napping in the day, it means catching up on the pile of washing that's accumulated in the bathroom, and tidying up our children's messy bedrooms! 

I am putting in lots of overtime at the moment, in my first week, I worked 7days! And aside from having to take of sick for two days because Jake was not very well, I haven't had too many days off! I sure am feeling it, I don't think I have ever felt this tired, and Jake is still not quite back to himself, so he is occasionally waking up in the night.. Which I am not used to! I am hoping to adjust to my new schedule soon! Although I am feeling pretty well today so maybe it is already happening! 

Don't get me wrong dads are great, but mums are awesome! Early mornings, getting the children up, washed, dressed, fed, housework, work, making sure dinner is on the table for when his majesty gets home from work, I mean it really never stops. But it is all so worth it just for one smile from your kids, knowing that you are raising happy children is the best feeling :) 

Craig and I need to get used to him coming in and me going straight out, it is literally "hello, goodbye" but then I so look forward to seeing him on the weekends it has made us get a long a bit better! He even gave me a back rub when I got in from work last night, which is a rarity! 

So all you mums out there, single, married, working full time, part time, and full time mummy's too, we are awesome, and maybe, just maybe when you get a quiet moment tonight, put your feet up and treat yourself to a glass of wine, you deserve it. 

:) xx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Liebster blog award :)

To my surprise.. I have been nominated for a Liebster award! WHAT? That's a little mad, thank you to Kay from mummy's blog for the nomination :) much appreciated! Pop over to Kay's blog and take a look around :)

About the Liebster Award

The Liebster Award helps bloggers with fewer than 1,000 followers to get their names out there and helps us promote our blogs better. My lovely readers get to learn 22 random facts about me, and I get to ask questions to the bloggers I nominate.

The Rules

  • This one kind of goes with out saying but, Thank the person who nominated you posting a link back to their blog on your blog
  • Display the award logo either on your blog, or as a widget or gadget. Just save the image to your desktop, and then upload it :)
  • Answer 11 questions about yourself, which the person who nominated you will ask
  • Provide 11 random facts about yourself 
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs who you thing deserve a Liebster Award, as long as they have under 1000 followers, they qualify 
  • Create a new list of 11 questions for your nominated bloggers to answer
  • List these rules in your post - copy and paste these if you like :) 
  • Once written and published, let the bloggers who you have nominated know that their blog is nominated for a Liebster Award and that you have done so :) also link your post about the Liebster Award so that they can read up on it, and know what it is all about
So here it goes..

My answers to mummysblogs questions!

  1. If you could be an animal what would you be? I would definitely be some sort of bird, the freedom to fly and see all different parts of the world, Amazing!
  2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I hate to say it, but it would probably be chocolate! I am addicted to the stuff! 
  3. Do you collect anything? Do my daughters Pictures and things she does at nursery count? I never throw them away!
  4. What was the best holiday you’ve ever had? Disney World Florida, and I cannot wait to take my kids when they're older!
  5. What was your favourite book as a child? wasn't a book reader if I am honest, but one series of books I did used to enjoy was The Folk of the Far Away Tree. I never did finish it though! 
  6. What is your claim to fame? Ooooh, this is a hard one! I have been in my local paper quite a lot, I was once on the front page because I made my primary school band, there were 5 of us and I had to sing 'Eternal Flame' by Atomic Kitten!
  7. What is the most extravagant thing you have ever purchased? I don't really have an answer to this, I am not very materialistic. Would my wedding dress count? That is the most extravagant thing I own... although I didn't buy it :/ (Thanks Mum and Dad)
  8.  What is your favourite film? Moulin Rouge, didn't even have to think about this one! 
  9. Your house is about to be blown away by a freak gust of wind. You have time to go back and get one possession. What would it be? Photos of my kids!
  10. Can you speak any other languages? nope, Although two friends of mine in high school made up a language called pigeon (or something like that) They were fluent, I could never quite get it! 
  11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Australia, The place is just winking at me telling me to visit! 
11 random facts about me

  1. I have hyper extending elbows
  2. I have been to 5 different schools
  3. I don't like healthy food :( 
  4. I can't take other peoples feet touching my feet, making be shudder just thinking about it now!
  5. I have a terrible fear of bee's and wasp's, when one flies into my front room i lock myself and the children out of the room, until it flies out!
  6. I was national champion in dancing 2 years in a row, with my incredibly talented partner!
  7. I have danced since 3 years old
  8. I first started seeing Craig when I was 15 years old, although he wasn't a very good boyfriend, we was on and off a lot! He is a brilliant Husband now though :) 
  9. My only holiday away without any parents, my own or my friends was my honeymoon!
  10. I always knew I would have children young (18 for those who do not know) and from about 16 I knew it would be with Craig!
  11. I subconsciously count my steps when I walk, I only realize when I am at about 7 or 8!  

My nominations

My questions for you guys :)

  1. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
  2. What or who is your guilty pleasure?
  3. What did you want to be when you were little?
  4. What is your most proudest achievement?
  5. Do you have a hobby, if so what?
  6. What would you tell your 11 year old self?
  7. Do you have any pet peeves?
  8. If you could re-live any day of your life so far, what day would it be?
  9. Where do you want to go on your next holiday?
  10. Favorite genre of film?
  11. Are you still best friends with your childhood best friend?
Well, that is this post done! Very excited to be a part of this! 

:) xx

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Monday, 19 May 2014

A sunny Sunday in hospital

The weather has been amazing this weekend, it looks like it is going to be another nice day, "hottest day of the year so far" as was yesterday!! I am glad about this, because we didn't get to enjoy the sunshine yesterday. 

Jakey was very poorly :(, Saturday night as I went to bed at around 11pm, Jake was laying in his cot, awake! Just chilling out not making a fuss, but it is not like him, when he is asleep.. That is it for the night! He felt hot, his temperature was at 38, which is slightly raised, so I kept a close eye on him that night! He didn't go to sleep for so long, just lay there staring at the ceiling, I kept checking on him when I noticed he seemed to be short of breath, but again not making a fuss so I kept an eye on it! He woke 4 times in the night crying, which is so rare so I knew he must be poorly! 

The next morning he was in a terrible state, wouldn't stop crying, was very hot, inconsolable, off his food and definitely not him self! So we took a trip to the walk in centre. Although Jake seemed to calm down when we got there, the doctor sent us home saying his throat was red and if he gets any worse bring him back! Well, he screamed.... All day! Wouldn't eat, had tiny amounts of juice, when he wasn't screaming.. He was sleeping. I took his temperature at around 5pm, it was 39!! So I called the NHS emergency number 111, and they got me an appointment with the same doctor straight away. Although he didn't remember us, because Jake was a completely different child from what he saw that morning! 

They referred him to colchester general hospital to the children's assessment unit where we waited 2 hours before a doctor came.. There was another lady in with her baby who had waited 4 hours before being seen! After examinations the doctor said his throat was red, that's what is making him so distressed, but he wasn't happy with Jakes breathing, it was very irregular, so off we went to take Jake for a chest X-ray! When I heard those words "chest X-ray" my stomach turned! Thankfully all was well with his chest X-ray! 

Sent home with antibiotics to help his throat which will in turn, help his breathing, Jake seems better this morning, not entirely his self.. And still a bit uncomfortable, but that's a milestone better then yesterday. This is the first time Jake has ever been poorly, and he does it big style! 

Today Craig is off of work, we got in so late last night, there was no way he would make it in! So we have had a nice chilled out morning and are planning to take an afternoon walk in the sun, Get Jake some fresh air, and Lexi can enjoy the sunshine! She was so good yesterday when all this was happening, was making sure Jake was ok, she was very worried about him! 

Can't wait for Jake to start feeling back to normal! He did give us a fright! 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hungry baby!

Everyone has their own opinion of when babies should start the weaning process, and that's fine.. Everyone can do it their own way. My opinion is that my baby will tell me when he is ready, that he did, and I will tell you how! 

Jake has been on 9oz of milk for about 5-6 weeks now.. Which is the most a bottle will hold, and he was going 3-4 hours between feeds, then this last week he completely changed.. He was taking around 7-8 oz of milk and then wanting another 2 hours after! He didn't seem satisfied after his bottles and was a lot more un settled then normal! So out came the baby porridge and he absolutely LOVED it.. He ate the whole lot, making sure not to spit any out and then after his little bit of porridge he drank around 5oz of milk! And he goes 4-5hours until he wants his next bottle! Which is a lot more ideal! I just couldn't get much done for having to stop every two hours!

After having porridge around midday for the last couple of days, I brought him something to have as a dinner. He literally just finished, and again he couldn't get enough. I only make him tiny tiny portions, I had to make him a second serving! He had broccoli, cauliflower and cheese, and then 5oz of milk! It is amazing the difference it makes, he is so much more content and satisfied then he had been the last couple of weeks! 

A Happy chunky baby!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Introducing the kiddies :)

So for those of you who have been reading, I thought I would introduce the kids I have been talking about for the last month :) Lexi and Jake! 

These are just some clips I have taken throughout the year of us just chilling at home! 

I hope you enjoy meeting them :) xx

Monday, 5 May 2014

Back to work....

 I mentioned in a previous post that I was having to go back to work early, Jake is just 3 months old and I wasn't meant to go back untill he was 9 months old! But needs must! Today was the day, it was a bank holiday Craig was home to watch them, so that was nice and easy! Lexi was confused she kept saying "no mum, dad go work!" Which made it even less fun! 

I have to be honest now... I missed the kids like crazy of corse, but it was SOOO nice to switch my mummy brain off and just be around adults and work and have actually real life adult conversation! I know I have Craig at home, but he is more on Lexis wave length sometimes! Everyone I saw were so surprised to see me back so soon, and it did make me a little sad everytime some one said "oh, you're back so early" but I was glad to get my name back, being Stacy is nice too, as well as Mum! 

I did a 6 hour shift and got home to Jake asleep, and Lexi just chilling in her bedroom! No one looked excited to see me! The beaming smile Jakey gave me when he woke up though, it looked like he was happy to see me! 

As much as I am a little gutted I have gone back early.. I am glad to be back into more of a routine, and taking some of the pressure off of Craig in terms of Money! I mostly work evenings which is really ideal.. Because Craig is home, and I still get the whole day with the kids! Perfect. 

Now I am so so tired, and when the kids go to bed, going to treat my self to a cheeky glass of wine.. Just a little one mind! 

How did you all get on going back to work after having a baby? And did anyone else have to go back early? Let me know and comment below :) 

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Trying new things!

I seem to cook the same things every week for dinners, and I have been getting a bit bored, and want to improve my cooking skills! So I have decided that I am going to pick a new meal to cook every week! Thought it would be fun and I am not the most talented cook, so a nice challenge! 

This week I cooked Chicken Risotto!

I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt, it's not something I could eat a lot of, but I did like it! Lexi didn't even try it, as after a busy day in the sun, on bouncy castles she was so tired and fell asleep, and had no interest in eating when she woke up! She is a bit of a fussy eater, will eat fruit all day long, but try and get her to eat a pea, or any other vegetable for that matter is an impossible task! Also, if she doesn't like the look of something, she will not even entertain it! 

Just an added note, I know I don't have any followers but I have been getting page views, and I would love to hear from you guys, and exchange stories! So if you want to visit me on twitter feel free, would love to chat :)