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Friday, 15 May 2015

I am terrible at this!

This is embarrasing... My last post I said my new years resolution was to blog more, well what an absaloute FAIL! 

I never actually get the laptop out and I find it so hard to blog on my phone or iPad, But listen up.. I have started an NVQ so I will be on my laptop a lot more and will definitely start to blog again, because I have just realised how much I have missed it! So now that is out of the way... whats new with you?

Since christmas I have changed jobs, Jake has turned 1 years old, and Lexi has been accepted into a primary school! This is just not on... When did Lexi grow up? 

I have gone from my checkout girl job at tescos to a Receptionist with the local leisure centre, and I love it! I am so glad i went for it, because I was so unsure, I hate change! I still go into Tescos every Friday though to do my weekly shop, so I still see my old co-workers! I have great new co-workers, we went white water rafting, which was amazing and just a little terriying, I think the picture below will show you how scared I was! 


Lexi we found out is long sighted and has to wear glasses full time, me and her nursery key worker noticed that her left eye was slighly rolling in, I took her to the optitions to get checked out and I must admit I was NOT expecting that! She chose a pink frame, of corse! She has adapted to them really well, it is like she has had them her whole life! 
Jake is now walking, he is so proud of himself and definitely thinks he is in charge. I don't know how many times a day I have to put a packet of crisps back in the cupboard that he has come and thrown at me shouting "TA, TA" the boy is a bottemless pit! Both the kids have had a birthday, Jake turned 1 on the 1st of February, and Lexi 4 on the 15th of April, They both had lovely days, and got spoilt rotten, it is the one day apart from christmas they get to do anything they like, they definitely take advantage of that! 

 I am going to stop here, lets be honest with how long I have left it... I could ramble on for hours! 
I will just post some pictures instead! 

Speak soon!

:) xx 

Lexi at the pier on her 4th birthday
Jake ready for his birthday meal!
Lexi made this fo me at nursery!
Aside from crisps, Jake also gets this from the cupboard. And puts it on his head!