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Monday, 19 May 2014

A sunny Sunday in hospital

The weather has been amazing this weekend, it looks like it is going to be another nice day, "hottest day of the year so far" as was yesterday!! I am glad about this, because we didn't get to enjoy the sunshine yesterday. 

Jakey was very poorly :(, Saturday night as I went to bed at around 11pm, Jake was laying in his cot, awake! Just chilling out not making a fuss, but it is not like him, when he is asleep.. That is it for the night! He felt hot, his temperature was at 38, which is slightly raised, so I kept a close eye on him that night! He didn't go to sleep for so long, just lay there staring at the ceiling, I kept checking on him when I noticed he seemed to be short of breath, but again not making a fuss so I kept an eye on it! He woke 4 times in the night crying, which is so rare so I knew he must be poorly! 

The next morning he was in a terrible state, wouldn't stop crying, was very hot, inconsolable, off his food and definitely not him self! So we took a trip to the walk in centre. Although Jake seemed to calm down when we got there, the doctor sent us home saying his throat was red and if he gets any worse bring him back! Well, he screamed.... All day! Wouldn't eat, had tiny amounts of juice, when he wasn't screaming.. He was sleeping. I took his temperature at around 5pm, it was 39!! So I called the NHS emergency number 111, and they got me an appointment with the same doctor straight away. Although he didn't remember us, because Jake was a completely different child from what he saw that morning! 

They referred him to colchester general hospital to the children's assessment unit where we waited 2 hours before a doctor came.. There was another lady in with her baby who had waited 4 hours before being seen! After examinations the doctor said his throat was red, that's what is making him so distressed, but he wasn't happy with Jakes breathing, it was very irregular, so off we went to take Jake for a chest X-ray! When I heard those words "chest X-ray" my stomach turned! Thankfully all was well with his chest X-ray! 

Sent home with antibiotics to help his throat which will in turn, help his breathing, Jake seems better this morning, not entirely his self.. And still a bit uncomfortable, but that's a milestone better then yesterday. This is the first time Jake has ever been poorly, and he does it big style! 

Today Craig is off of work, we got in so late last night, there was no way he would make it in! So we have had a nice chilled out morning and are planning to take an afternoon walk in the sun, Get Jake some fresh air, and Lexi can enjoy the sunshine! She was so good yesterday when all this was happening, was making sure Jake was ok, she was very worried about him! 

Can't wait for Jake to start feeling back to normal! He did give us a fright! 


  1. Ahh bless him, I hope he's feeling better soon.
    I just wanted you to know that I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award, there's a post with more info on my blog here:

    1. Thank you :) me too, he is slowly getting better! And wow, sounds great, I am just about to read up on it now :) Thank you xxxx

  2. Poor Jake! I hope he has recovered now. It's always a scary time when your kids get a temperature and you don't know what's fully wrong with them

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x xx

    1. Thank you! He is much better now! Was a crazy couple of days! Xxx