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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Oh, you look tired!

Why is it ok.. When you've just had a baby, or pregnant, or just decided to have a no make up day, do people think it's ok to say "oh, you look tired" What is the correct response to this statement?!? 

People say it to me all the time when I am not wearing make up.. When I do wear make up I get "oh, you're looking really well" I got this a lot whilst pregnant, and I just used to say "nope, just wearing make up today!" Does anyone else find it odd when some one openly states that you look tired because to me, it's basically saying you look rough, not very nice, like poop! 

Obviously I know that when I wear make up I look slightly better, but you don't need to point it out that every time I have a bare face I look "tired" 

Would love to hear your opinions on this, does any one else have this and find it just as annoying as I do! Or is their anything else that really grinds on you? Let me know, comment below :) 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Chocolate cakes and visitors :)

Today once Lexi got home from nursery, we had some visitors :) my very very very good friend of many many years, Kristy and her little monkey, Oakleigh, who is 16 months! Lexi and Oakleigh love spending time together, which is a bonus for me and his mumma! 

Once Kristy finally got here, after pressing wrong buzzers, that were actually the right buzzers and waiting in the car thinking I was out, when I was in fact in, we had catch up time and play time! Kristy kindly made Tuna pasta for lunch, my favourites! Ofcorse Lexi doesn't eat it when I make it for her, but when Kristy makes it, she wants some! We then made cornflake cakes and shredded wheat cakes with the kids, which got pretty messy! 

Isn't he just the cutest!

Their favorite part was putting the chocolate in the cases, Well that was Lexis favorite part, Oakleighs was tipping them upside down onto the floor!

It was a great day, cannot wait to do it again, Finished off with Dance class, Lexi was very impressed that the song they are dancing to at the moment is a remix version of 'Let it go' from Frozen! I also purchased a door bouncer for Jake.. which he loves! Will try and put a video up soon! (If I can figure out how!) 

Lexi's new nursery uniform!!!

I was starting to get fed up of Lexi coming home from nursery and the clothes I had just brought her were ruined... Then I started sending her in old clothes, but I like her to look smart and presentable. (Don't get me wrong, We have jogger days where we just slum it in joggers, or onesies, I just want Lexi to learn how to, and want to take pride in her appearance as and when she grows up) This is my solution: 

A uniform! It is just the cutest thing ever! She was so happy with it and looked so adorable, even with bruises all up here legs! Which by the way, I have no idea what so ever how she gets them! I braided her hair in two French plaits, which look super cute. So now I don't have to worry about finding suitable outfits that I don't mind if they get ruined but still looks smart and presentable! Also just an added bonus, the school dress was only £5.00!!! 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Half term, turning 3 and laughing!

So half term is over.. And we had a great time! The weather was nice for most of it, and the kids a joy as always! Jake finally starting laughing :) and Lexi turned 3! I didn't get many pictures.. I am phone less at the moment which is not fun! But here is some of what we got up too :) 

Now half term is over and Lexi is loving being back at Nursery.. And dance starts again next week! It is now official that I am going back to work early, unfortunately I have no choice as finances are not great right now, so back to work and lots of overtime it is! 

I recently bought the soundtrack of Frozen for Lexi when we are in the car, as I didn't really have anything age appropriate! She loves it.. And listening to her singing along in the back seat makes me smile from ear to ear :)  The only thing new with Jake is that he is laughing, and a chunk! Am always surprised at how big he is every time I get him weighed! Oh he is also enjoying his toys a lot more.. He is grabbing them and smiling when we play with them together! He also grabs hold of a blanket now when he sleeps... Which is just too cute!! 

Anyway the few pictures I did manage to take are below :)
Lexi loves her sunnies!
The night before Lexis birthday :)

The aftermath of Lexis birthday!

Too cute!

Mummy and Daddy treat!

These used to be mine when I was a child, now they live in Lexis room

Watching Frozen... Ofcorse! 

one of my favorites!

We finally got our wallpaper up.. had it about a year I think!

First day back at nursery and she was so happy to be back! 
Jakes new favorite toy! 

she made a flag for st Georges day :)

:) xx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sunny day :)

3rd day of half term, yesterday we just chilled out and watched Disney films most of the day which never ever EVER gets old! It is a lovely day today, the sun is shining, and I was able to leave house without a coat on! #bestfeeling! Even went and purchased some sun glasses, there is something about wearing sunglasses that just makes you feel.. good, or is it just me? :/

Today I took Lexi, Jake, my Mum and my Sister, Ruby to a place called space Kingdom. A lovely soft play area and the kids had so much fun.. obviously Jake didn't really know where he was.. but I bet he had fun all the same :) It was also nice to see the staff cleaning, good knowing that Lexi was playing on clean apparatus! Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any pictures :(

Jake is now 10 weeks old.. and I am still waiting for that first little chuckle.. every time I am playing with him it looks like he is trying SO hard, but just cannot squeeze one out! For the first time I put on his 3-6 months clothes, and to my surprise they fit him lovely! I think he is going to be a big boy!!

Monday, 7 April 2014

The first day of half term!

It is half term, Lexi has no nursery or dance class for two weeks, and I have got to find ways of keeping her occupied, this is what we did today...

My plans were to take her to an indoor soft play area, but unexpected bills and all that.. So instead we went to the supermarket (where a bird decided to poop on Lexis head, not nice) purchased some new paints and bits and bobs, and had a great day. Obviously when my 6 year old sister heard my plans she wanted to come around and join in :) 

                                   The little hand print at the bottom is baby Jakes attempt :)

They played together all day, made a mess of my flat, played dress up and played hide and seek... Which Lexi just hid in the hiding place my sister had previously hid, so Ruby always managed to find her first time! 

I cooked a lovely turkey roast dinner, and dinner time is normally when baby Jake has a grotty couple of hours, but this time while I was preparing the dinner, he was fixated with the TV! I managed to prepare, cook and eat dinner with out having to juggle him in my arms! 

When I took Ruby home she thanked me for having her, and especially for the dinner I cooked... Nothing better then knowing you have given a child a great day :) 

Now the kids are in bed, and I have tidied up from the days activities.. I can relax... 

I love half term :) 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

First trip to the dentist!

My nearly 3 year old had her first visit at the dentist today, it could of either gone two ways.. A screaming fight to get her to sit on the chair and her be petrified, or she would be perfectly fine and let the dentist look at her teeth! To my surprise she acted very well, and was a little bit scared but did it anyway, with my encouragement! She was so happy she did it, and got princess stickers after from the dentist for being such a good girl :)

My brave girl :) 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Injections, Exhaustion and ABC's

Why is it when you know you have a busy day, you never sleep well the night before? One of life's crazy mysteries eh!? Running on no sleep today, I am not an 'I wear make up everyday girl' but this morning I looked so tired.. it HAD to be done! Although.. it didn't make too much of a difference! My dark circles are peeping through!

My boy, Baby Jake had his 8 week immunizations today, while my daughter Lexi was at nursery. Ohhhh, did he scream, an injection in each leg and he cried from both! After a little bit of Mummy hugs, kisses and comfort he calmed down and settled back to sleep! I remember Lexi having them done.. let me tell you, it does not get easier the more children you have! Poor little thing didn't know what was coming, he was happy as Larry before!

My daughter is at the age where she is learning numbers, shapes alphabet and all sorts. As you can imagine I was so proud when she learnt the alphabet, of course singing EMEMENOPE instead of LMNOP, but hey.. who didn't?! She learnt it a couple of weeks ago now and she is obviously so pleased, because it is ALL I hear, day in day out. At the top of her voice, over and over AND over again! I just hope that she learns a new song so that there is some variety, I find myself walking down the street singing the alphabet in my head because I hear it so much! She is so clever, Has her Dads brains... definitely not mine!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Just because, why not?

It is really quite late/early, it has been a lovely warm day here which in turn means, a terribly hot night! Meaning I cannot sleep, so I have been following a couple of bloggers recently and though hey, as I am laying here in bed... not sleeping, and we all know what happens when you can't sleep-you think, I would start to write it down, because if I am honest it is not just the unbearably hot night that is causing me to stay awake, it is a lot of other things, Such as stress and the fact my Baby boy Jake will probably be awake soon for a night feed! So I thought it would be a good thing to write things down, get things off my chest! 

Wow this sounds like a doom and gloom blog! It is not that, I want to write and share all things I enjoy (even if no body reads it!) I have an amazing family that keep my life exciting, 2 children, a girl nearly 3, and a boy 8 weeks. I best not forget the hubby who I love very much (I know.. Cringe alert!) 

I hope if anybody does read my blog they enjoy it and I can hear some of your stories! 

I should probably try and get some sleep so I will leave it there! It is so so so hot! It is going to definitely be one of those one leg out of the covers and cold side of the pillow nights! 

good night 
xx :)

P.s I definitely just accidentally deleted all of what I had just written! Thank god for the little undo button!