Friday, 24 July 2015

Lexi has fallen in love...

Yes... That's right, my 4 year old daughter has fallen in love, with horse riding! 

6 weeks ago I booked Lexi her first lesson, and instantly I could tell that this was something special! She was straight away confident, listening to her instructor and the HUGE grin on her face told me that this needed to happen again! Lexi has had 15 minute lessons every week since. Now 15 minutes does not sound much, but for a 4 year old, it is enough! Plus the progress she has made in that amount of time is amazing.

The horse she rides is called Dragon, she is on him for the 15 minutes, but also helps to get him ready for the lesson, and to put him away afterwards. Lexi has started to make friends with all the horses, she goes to their stables and says hello to them all, is learning their names and is always asking tons of questions! 

On the 5th lesson Lexi saw a bigger girl riding, and the girl was on a much bigger horse, and was performing the most impressive jumps, well.. that lit a fire in Lexis little belly, "Mum when can I jump?" Her last lesson which was her sixth, she was trotting over poles and I was one proud mum! 

I am on cloud 9 watching her every week, because her face lights up, I can see her really trying her best and my mummy heart just pops each time. 

Below is a video, I have recorded snippets of some of her lessons, not all, and thrown them all together, I hope you see what I see when I am watching her... Pure love and joy bursting out of every bone! 

More to come!

:) xx

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Yes.. you're seeing right, I am back! Didn't leave it quite so long this time! 

We had our first ever family holiday, and it was perfect! The kids were well-behaved (for the most part) Craig was well behaved, and me.. well I always behave ;) 

We went to Great Yarmouth at the end of May, stayed on a caravan park called seashore... as the name suggests it is right by the beach! I already live near a beach and I love it, but these beaches were beautiful! Something about having a sit down, watching the kids throw stones into the sea, listening to the waves that really relaxes me... Only when its quiet mind, wouldn't be the same on a busy beach! 


We went for a week with the rest of my family, which was lovely, Lexi and Jakes cousins were there, It was great to spend time with everyone but we also broke away and spent some days just the four of us too! The first day we didn't do too much, just settled in and watched the kids get super excited about all the great stuff they could do! The second day, Myself, Craig and the kids took a wonder into Yarmouth and just walked... explored, this was the best day, I think maybe because Lexi was getting excited over everything! 

She rode donkeys, had her face painted, walked for miles with out moaning once, and we stood for about 30 minutes at a 2p machine trying to win an Elsa figure, we walked out with Anna, a frozen bracelet and Elsa, she fell right at the end! 

Lexi did so much during the days that she didn't really care much for the evening entertainment in the club house, we spend most nights in there, but she wasn't too fussed! I don't think she knew what to make of the dancing mascots to be honest!! Jakey enjoyed it more then Lexi, when he was awake that is!

Jakey loved this! Especially because it was a Mickey
Mouse castle!
We spent a whole day at the pleasure beach... the whole family came to that one, we spent 7 hours, yes, SEVEN HOURS in the place. Lexi really surprised me, at first she wouldn't go on anything remotely thrilling, but after her third attempt at getting on the caterpillar roller coaster she finally stayed on it, and after that she wanted to go on ALL the big ones, even the log flume which she was too small for. Obviously Jakey just slept most of the day, but that's ok, he did go on the safari train!  
This is the time she actually stayed on, with my sister!
"Mum, I did it, I am big and brave" <3

Now, the sea life centre is what I was looking forward to the most, I was so exited, we did this on our last proper day I think, I was queuing up bouncing around, looking forward to seeing some big scary sharks with Craig Jake and Lexi, it was a COMPLETE let down! They didn't even have and big sharks! It was over before it even started and Jake had a melt down the whole way round, But he did get a stuffed turtle at the end of it so a good day for him! 

Probably Lexis favourite part of the holiday was riding in a real life Cinderella carriage! She saw this while we was exploring on the first day and did not stop going on about it! The horses name was pepper, he was super adorable, and I think for the 3-4 minutes she got to ride in it, she felt like a real princess! You could probably actually hear my heart popping! 

We had so much fun and I cannot wait to go again next year! I don't think Lexi can either... Jake Probably can, I mean, he didn't even know we were on holiday! He did however end up despising the caravan by the end of the week, every time we walked into it he had a mini melt down! 

Great Yarmouth is a lovely place, I would definitely recommend it as a holiday destination.. I will probably give the sea life centre a miss next time though!

;) xx

**TOTALLY forgot to mention the fish! that first day of exploring, where we walked the whole of Yarmouth strip and back again, Craig and Lexi (Craig) thought it would be a fab idea to try and win a fish. They won a fish, which I didn't think would survive the car journey home.. but it has, and he lives in our kitchen! His name always changes because Lexi can never decide, so its just a fish with no name, but yes.... we went to Yarmouth as a four, came back as a five! 

Friday, 15 May 2015

I am terrible at this!

This is embarrasing... My last post I said my new years resolution was to blog more, well what an absaloute FAIL! 

I never actually get the laptop out and I find it so hard to blog on my phone or iPad, But listen up.. I have started an NVQ so I will be on my laptop a lot more and will definitely start to blog again, because I have just realised how much I have missed it! So now that is out of the way... whats new with you?

Since christmas I have changed jobs, Jake has turned 1 years old, and Lexi has been accepted into a primary school! This is just not on... When did Lexi grow up? 

I have gone from my checkout girl job at tescos to a Receptionist with the local leisure centre, and I love it! I am so glad i went for it, because I was so unsure, I hate change! I still go into Tescos every Friday though to do my weekly shop, so I still see my old co-workers! I have great new co-workers, we went white water rafting, which was amazing and just a little terriying, I think the picture below will show you how scared I was! 


Lexi we found out is long sighted and has to wear glasses full time, me and her nursery key worker noticed that her left eye was slighly rolling in, I took her to the optitions to get checked out and I must admit I was NOT expecting that! She chose a pink frame, of corse! She has adapted to them really well, it is like she has had them her whole life! 
Jake is now walking, he is so proud of himself and definitely thinks he is in charge. I don't know how many times a day I have to put a packet of crisps back in the cupboard that he has come and thrown at me shouting "TA, TA" the boy is a bottemless pit! Both the kids have had a birthday, Jake turned 1 on the 1st of February, and Lexi 4 on the 15th of April, They both had lovely days, and got spoilt rotten, it is the one day apart from christmas they get to do anything they like, they definitely take advantage of that! 

 I am going to stop here, lets be honest with how long I have left it... I could ramble on for hours! 
I will just post some pictures instead! 

Speak soon!

:) xx 

Lexi at the pier on her 4th birthday
Jake ready for his birthday meal!
Lexi made this fo me at nursery!
Aside from crisps, Jake also gets this from the cupboard. And puts it on his head!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year everybody! 

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, It was amazing for me this year, it was Jakeys first Christmas, also the first year Lexi half understood what was happening, she was super excited for father Christmas to come... however she did get a little confused, when she woke up Christmas morning so woke us up saying "he isn't here mum, Father Christmas isn't here!" We had to explain that he couldn't stay, because he is a busy bee! She obviously forgot about all of that as soon as she saw her mountain of presents he left her! She also got it into her head he was coming for dinner! 

Jakey as expected got more enjoyment out of the wrapping paper, but he did like his ball pit, he spends a lot of time in that! It was also the first year I have ever stayed at home and cooked Christmas dinner, normally we visit parents, but now we have both of the kids, i feel like its time to make our own Christmas traditions! Christmas dinner went surprisingly well (I am not the greatest cook) and both kids actually sat down nice and happy at the dinner table, which NEVER happens! 

Just to quickly throw it out there, Hubby brought me the urban decay naked 3 palette, Amazing!

2015 is exciting for me, Jake is 1, and Lexi starts Primary school in September, not too sure I am ready for that, but i guess i do not have a choice! 

I hope 2015 is a good year for all, All so though it was worth mentioning one of my new years resolutions is to blog more, and also to get better at it! I could use some tips! My biggest thing is taking photos! I suck at it! I must take more photos!

Lexi on her new Frozen sofa bed, complete with sofa onsie, blanket and Olaf, watching Frozen!

They are so playful together now! The more he grows, the more he climbs all over Lexi!

Jakes favorite present! 

My favorite present! I cannot tell you how AMAZING this palette is!

:) xxx

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Young mum stigma!

Why? Why is it ok for strangers to say "oh you look too young to have kids" and give you a disgusted look on their face!?

I get it all the time at work, customers who I get talking with, my heart fills with joy when I talk about my kids, and then a remark like that just pops my little bubble of happiness, what is the correct response to this? Because I have no idea. I mean, just imagine if I approached an 'older' lady as a customer and said "oh, you look too old to have kids" there would be outrage! So why is it ok to do it to 'young' mums?  What makes us any less capable to be good parents at 18 compared to 25+? 

18, the age i was when I had Lexi, we did everything on our own, yes with a little help from the government, we got ourselves a council flat, and received benefits on and off. I started my job at tescos when Lexi was 11 months old, Craig got a perminant job, and we were off of benefits (yay) and we haven't gone back since! Lexi was potty trained by 2, says please and thank you and is the happiest little girl, we decided on another baby after we got married, baby Jake arrived, is now 8 months old and a happy little chappy! Him and his sister are always laughing and playing together and I am immensely proud! Don't get me wrong though, they have their moments, but discipline and consistancy means I am always in control in stressful situations! 

So tell me now that young mums aren't capable? Because even if I do say so myself, I've done a pretty good job! 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

6 months!!

Jake is now 6 months!?!? Where did the time go! He has grown so much and has an amazing little personality that makes me smile every day! 

He is now sitting up unaided and eating all sorts. I sat down next to him to eat my salad earlier today which my dad kindly made us for lunch, well it was a huge mistake, as soon as I sat down there was a chunky little hand in my potato salad! I ended up with potato salad and coleslaw all over my lap!! He loves his food! 

He laughs at everything especially when Lexi plays with him, and his favourite game is peek-a-boo! He fits perfectly in his 6-9 clothes, can't see them lasting very long! He got very excited today when I stood him up on his feet and he was taking little steps around my front room! It was adorable! 

Next steps will be crawling, then the fun begins! 

We are loving the summer holidays, although my car broke :( so we are saving for a new one which means we can't get to many places.

Lexis most favourite thing to do at the moment is ride her bike!! She rode all the way to my dads today, we are still working on using the breaks!

She is still a little performer, singing and dancing everywhere we go, at her recent parents evening they said she just sings all the time, and that she is too independent, which I take as a compliment! Her first ever school photos arrived as well, which is so cute!
Lexi was recently a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding, they all looked adorable and the bride looked amazing! Lexi loved wearing her "princess dress" she wore it the next morning till lunch and wouldn't let me take her hair out! 

As for me, well, I've been really tired lately, I can't seem to snap out of it. My mum told me to go to the doctors, because there is a history of vitamin b12 deficiency in my family. I just think I am tired from the kids and work! You know how it is, never ending, but it's the best! 

:) xx

Friday, 11 July 2014

I may be wrong but....

Marriage is hard, like algebra hard! Craig and I have been Married two years and we are still learning how to be married!! I thought you just got married, said I do, and went on your merry way! It isn't until recently I though that actually, you have to learn, and work with each other to make a marriage work! 
Don't get me wrong, I love being married, and I don't see it as work, but when I look back at all the things we have already over come I just think to myself "wow, we have really done well" 
Just because you love some one and know someone well enough to get married, doesn't mean that you don't still have things to learn, because believe me, it all about learning about each other and knowing each other literally inside out!  
I love Craig very much and can't wait for our journey to continue, and to learn together how OUR marriage works! 

:) xx