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Thursday, 7 August 2014

6 months!!

Jake is now 6 months!?!? Where did the time go! He has grown so much and has an amazing little personality that makes me smile every day! 

He is now sitting up unaided and eating all sorts. I sat down next to him to eat my salad earlier today which my dad kindly made us for lunch, well it was a huge mistake, as soon as I sat down there was a chunky little hand in my potato salad! I ended up with potato salad and coleslaw all over my lap!! He loves his food! 

He laughs at everything especially when Lexi plays with him, and his favourite game is peek-a-boo! He fits perfectly in his 6-9 clothes, can't see them lasting very long! He got very excited today when I stood him up on his feet and he was taking little steps around my front room! It was adorable! 

Next steps will be crawling, then the fun begins! 

We are loving the summer holidays, although my car broke :( so we are saving for a new one which means we can't get to many places.

Lexis most favourite thing to do at the moment is ride her bike!! She rode all the way to my dads today, we are still working on using the breaks!

She is still a little performer, singing and dancing everywhere we go, at her recent parents evening they said she just sings all the time, and that she is too independent, which I take as a compliment! Her first ever school photos arrived as well, which is so cute!
Lexi was recently a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding, they all looked adorable and the bride looked amazing! Lexi loved wearing her "princess dress" she wore it the next morning till lunch and wouldn't let me take her hair out! 

As for me, well, I've been really tired lately, I can't seem to snap out of it. My mum told me to go to the doctors, because there is a history of vitamin b12 deficiency in my family. I just think I am tired from the kids and work! You know how it is, never ending, but it's the best! 

:) xx

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