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Friday, 24 July 2015

Lexi has fallen in love...

Yes... That's right, my 4 year old daughter has fallen in love, with horse riding! 

6 weeks ago I booked Lexi her first lesson, and instantly I could tell that this was something special! She was straight away confident, listening to her instructor and the HUGE grin on her face told me that this needed to happen again! Lexi has had 15 minute lessons every week since. Now 15 minutes does not sound much, but for a 4 year old, it is enough! Plus the progress she has made in that amount of time is amazing.

The horse she rides is called Dragon, she is on him for the 15 minutes, but also helps to get him ready for the lesson, and to put him away afterwards. Lexi has started to make friends with all the horses, she goes to their stables and says hello to them all, is learning their names and is always asking tons of questions! 

On the 5th lesson Lexi saw a bigger girl riding, and the girl was on a much bigger horse, and was performing the most impressive jumps, well.. that lit a fire in Lexis little belly, "Mum when can I jump?" Her last lesson which was her sixth, she was trotting over poles and I was one proud mum! 

I am on cloud 9 watching her every week, because her face lights up, I can see her really trying her best and my mummy heart just pops each time. 

Below is a video, I have recorded snippets of some of her lessons, not all, and thrown them all together, I hope you see what I see when I am watching her... Pure love and joy bursting out of every bone! 

More to come!

:) xx

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