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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Trying new things!

I seem to cook the same things every week for dinners, and I have been getting a bit bored, and want to improve my cooking skills! So I have decided that I am going to pick a new meal to cook every week! Thought it would be fun and I am not the most talented cook, so a nice challenge! 

This week I cooked Chicken Risotto!

I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt, it's not something I could eat a lot of, but I did like it! Lexi didn't even try it, as after a busy day in the sun, on bouncy castles she was so tired and fell asleep, and had no interest in eating when she woke up! She is a bit of a fussy eater, will eat fruit all day long, but try and get her to eat a pea, or any other vegetable for that matter is an impossible task! Also, if she doesn't like the look of something, she will not even entertain it! 

Just an added note, I know I don't have any followers but I have been getting page views, and I would love to hear from you guys, and exchange stories! So if you want to visit me on twitter feel free, would love to chat :) 

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