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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mummy's morning!

A Mothers morning is not like any other, and I find can sometimes take some preparation. Which is crazy, to have to prepare just to wake up! If things aren't done in the evening, it can change your whole morning dynamic! For instance, I am laying in bed right now knowing that there is a couple of bowls in the sink, where I would normally make sure all washing up was done before I go to bed, tonight I was lazy and have not. Therefor I will now wake up, look at the washing up and sigh! Blurgh! I am tempted to get up and do them now just to make my morning easier, and it's 12:25am! 

I know all Mothers know the struggle of getting out of bed at 5-6am because your toddler is ready for the day and demanding breakfast, but it never gets any easier, not for me anyway. The bright side of this is that you have plenty of time to get everything done! Tomorrow Lexi will be eating breakfast and I will be washing up.. Falling asleep over the sink, while Jakes breakfast is cooling down! Always when I am in the middle of feeding Jake, without fail, Lexi will need the toilet and insist I go with her. 

So you have washed up the couple of bowls you regrettably left in the sink last night, fed the kids, washed up again from breakfast and let's not forget inbetween all this is nappy changes, toilet trips, a crying baby and a toddler very distressed because she has spilt her weetabix all down herself and on the floor, resulting in her treading in it and being even more distressed! This happens often, actually I would say every morning! 

When this is all done, it is time to put some washing on, fold the washing you had drying from yesterday to make room for the new washing to be hung, because if you don't do this you will most definitely fall behind and struggle to find a pair of clean socks to wear (I am so glad it is summer, hardly ever wear socks) and because I hang dry my washing I have to do it really early, to make sure it is dry for the next load, tomorrow morning! 

You may of noticed I have not had breakfast, we sometimes forget to eat in the mornings, or is it just me? 

Now it is time to settle the children down so you can, you know, wash! While Jake is so young, he will have a morning nap around 8, this is when I will shower! I put the T.V on for Lexi, but you can be sure she will wonder in the bathroom and come and talk to me, she has started to use this time to brush her teeth also, which I love! 3 minute shower (which is a talent us Mothers hold) with the door wide open, and the shower curtain only half closed, it is a case (for me anyway) of bunging some clothes on and then getting the kids ready for their day, Which let's face it, takes the most time, for having arguments about having a bath, getting dressed and having hair done! Jake is obviously easy to get sorted he doesn't argue with me yet! However he has this thing, as soon as he is dressed... puke! 

If I decide to wear make up, another talent us mums have is 5 minute make up, while walking around the house checking on children and having your toddler grabbing all your make up! I can go without make up though, but I would say I wear it on more days then I don't wear it! 

So you're ready, kids are ready it is 9am, you haven't yet sat down and it is time to start the day....

of housework. 

But at least the kids are relaxed!!!

How do your mornings go, I would love to hear your stories, just leave a cheeky comment.

:) xx

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