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Monday, 5 May 2014

Back to work....

 I mentioned in a previous post that I was having to go back to work early, Jake is just 3 months old and I wasn't meant to go back untill he was 9 months old! But needs must! Today was the day, it was a bank holiday Craig was home to watch them, so that was nice and easy! Lexi was confused she kept saying "no mum, dad go work!" Which made it even less fun! 

I have to be honest now... I missed the kids like crazy of corse, but it was SOOO nice to switch my mummy brain off and just be around adults and work and have actually real life adult conversation! I know I have Craig at home, but he is more on Lexis wave length sometimes! Everyone I saw were so surprised to see me back so soon, and it did make me a little sad everytime some one said "oh, you're back so early" but I was glad to get my name back, being Stacy is nice too, as well as Mum! 

I did a 6 hour shift and got home to Jake asleep, and Lexi just chilling in her bedroom! No one looked excited to see me! The beaming smile Jakey gave me when he woke up though, it looked like he was happy to see me! 

As much as I am a little gutted I have gone back early.. I am glad to be back into more of a routine, and taking some of the pressure off of Craig in terms of Money! I mostly work evenings which is really ideal.. Because Craig is home, and I still get the whole day with the kids! Perfect. 

Now I am so so tired, and when the kids go to bed, going to treat my self to a cheeky glass of wine.. Just a little one mind! 

How did you all get on going back to work after having a baby? And did anyone else have to go back early? Let me know and comment below :) 

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