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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Graces gladiators

I have this friend, known each other since we were young, and last night she made me so proud. She was run of her feet, sweating in places you don't even want to know, and dressed as a clown (which is quite standard for her actually) all for cancer research, and a special little lady! 

My friend is called Kristy... This is us back when we was around 14ish on holiday in Malta. 

So Kristy's family looked after a little girl called Grace, and when ever they were looking after her and I was at their house, she was such a happy bubbly little girl who loved to sing wind the bobbin up! After many many years of Grace fighting through so much, last year she sadly lost her battle to leukemia

Kristy is part of the relay for life that is held at a local primary school every year, the team this year is called Graces Gladiators. Kristy organised a charity night, to raise funds for cancer research, and to remember Grace, and boy did she do well. There was an amazing turn out, lots of people dressed in fancy dress, a live band, food, raffle and various stalls. For most the night she was running around like a headless chicken, but I managed to pull her away to have a dance to the bands version of wind the bobbin up, which was brilliant! Kristy made such a lovely speech, which I know was hard to get through for her, but she managed and just needed a little cuddle afterwards, and there was plenty of people there for her. There was a moment, that nearly had me down in tears, when Kristy and her mum, Cheryl, hugged each other so tight and just cried, it was a sad but beautiful moment seeing them two there for one another. 

Every one involved did an amazing job and the final total of money raised was £1870.50! Which is just unreal! 

So really this is just a special blog post to say well done to my girl, and that a lot of people are proud of her and everyone else that helped towards the night.

I could go on and on, but I won't, because I am sure people reading have kids screaming at them in the back ground, so I will just finish by saying...

Good job. 

:) xx

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