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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Let's catch up :)

I feel like I haven't posted for ages! But I don't think it has actually been that long! So just thought I would show you my recent pictures and videos of the kids, so you can see what they have been up to :) 

Jake and his Grandad in the sunshine

Lexi loves a car selfie!

Bath time is the best time!

Lexi loves to feed Jake now!

Jake is becoming so much stronger, holding himself up in his walker really well!

Jakes first taste of a strawberry, he loved it, and the Nuby net made sure it was safe :)

We have been practicing sitting up!

We took a trip to London, I had to get my passport urgently, but I thought what a great opportunity to take the kids to see London! we sat and had lunch, and saw Buckingham palace, which Lexi Loved!!

I think Lexis favorite part was being on the underground! She was so happy and excited to be on there!

It was a long day and Lexi did get fussy, as to be expected, I think I am going to take them to London around Christmas time to see the lights, and stay in a hotel so that we don't have to battle the tube at peak times, that was not fun!

Jake was so good the whole day and enjoyed having the freedom of his buggy, instead of being in his car seat! He was going crazy kicking his legs!

aaaaaaand a cheeky video of the kids! Lexi loves singing and dancing! It's all she ever does and I love watching her! In this video she gears up for the world cup! Jake and Lexi play together so well now, always laughing! Enjoy :)

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