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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Half term, turning 3 and laughing!

So half term is over.. And we had a great time! The weather was nice for most of it, and the kids a joy as always! Jake finally starting laughing :) and Lexi turned 3! I didn't get many pictures.. I am phone less at the moment which is not fun! But here is some of what we got up too :) 

Now half term is over and Lexi is loving being back at Nursery.. And dance starts again next week! It is now official that I am going back to work early, unfortunately I have no choice as finances are not great right now, so back to work and lots of overtime it is! 

I recently bought the soundtrack of Frozen for Lexi when we are in the car, as I didn't really have anything age appropriate! She loves it.. And listening to her singing along in the back seat makes me smile from ear to ear :)  The only thing new with Jake is that he is laughing, and a chunk! Am always surprised at how big he is every time I get him weighed! Oh he is also enjoying his toys a lot more.. He is grabbing them and smiling when we play with them together! He also grabs hold of a blanket now when he sleeps... Which is just too cute!! 

Anyway the few pictures I did manage to take are below :)
Lexi loves her sunnies!
The night before Lexis birthday :)

The aftermath of Lexis birthday!

Too cute!

Mummy and Daddy treat!

These used to be mine when I was a child, now they live in Lexis room

Watching Frozen... Ofcorse! 

one of my favorites!

We finally got our wallpaper up.. had it about a year I think!

First day back at nursery and she was so happy to be back! 
Jakes new favorite toy! 

she made a flag for st Georges day :)

:) xx

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