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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Just because, why not?

It is really quite late/early, it has been a lovely warm day here which in turn means, a terribly hot night! Meaning I cannot sleep, so I have been following a couple of bloggers recently and though hey, as I am laying here in bed... not sleeping, and we all know what happens when you can't sleep-you think, I would start to write it down, because if I am honest it is not just the unbearably hot night that is causing me to stay awake, it is a lot of other things, Such as stress and the fact my Baby boy Jake will probably be awake soon for a night feed! So I thought it would be a good thing to write things down, get things off my chest! 

Wow this sounds like a doom and gloom blog! It is not that, I want to write and share all things I enjoy (even if no body reads it!) I have an amazing family that keep my life exciting, 2 children, a girl nearly 3, and a boy 8 weeks. I best not forget the hubby who I love very much (I know.. Cringe alert!) 

I hope if anybody does read my blog they enjoy it and I can hear some of your stories! 

I should probably try and get some sleep so I will leave it there! It is so so so hot! It is going to definitely be one of those one leg out of the covers and cold side of the pillow nights! 

good night 
xx :)

P.s I definitely just accidentally deleted all of what I had just written! Thank god for the little undo button! 

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