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Monday, 28 April 2014

Lexi's new nursery uniform!!!

I was starting to get fed up of Lexi coming home from nursery and the clothes I had just brought her were ruined... Then I started sending her in old clothes, but I like her to look smart and presentable. (Don't get me wrong, We have jogger days where we just slum it in joggers, or onesies, I just want Lexi to learn how to, and want to take pride in her appearance as and when she grows up) This is my solution: 

A uniform! It is just the cutest thing ever! She was so happy with it and looked so adorable, even with bruises all up here legs! Which by the way, I have no idea what so ever how she gets them! I braided her hair in two French plaits, which look super cute. So now I don't have to worry about finding suitable outfits that I don't mind if they get ruined but still looks smart and presentable! Also just an added bonus, the school dress was only £5.00!!! 

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