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Monday, 7 April 2014

The first day of half term!

It is half term, Lexi has no nursery or dance class for two weeks, and I have got to find ways of keeping her occupied, this is what we did today...

My plans were to take her to an indoor soft play area, but unexpected bills and all that.. So instead we went to the supermarket (where a bird decided to poop on Lexis head, not nice) purchased some new paints and bits and bobs, and had a great day. Obviously when my 6 year old sister heard my plans she wanted to come around and join in :) 

                                   The little hand print at the bottom is baby Jakes attempt :)

They played together all day, made a mess of my flat, played dress up and played hide and seek... Which Lexi just hid in the hiding place my sister had previously hid, so Ruby always managed to find her first time! 

I cooked a lovely turkey roast dinner, and dinner time is normally when baby Jake has a grotty couple of hours, but this time while I was preparing the dinner, he was fixated with the TV! I managed to prepare, cook and eat dinner with out having to juggle him in my arms! 

When I took Ruby home she thanked me for having her, and especially for the dinner I cooked... Nothing better then knowing you have given a child a great day :) 

Now the kids are in bed, and I have tidied up from the days activities.. I can relax... 

I love half term :) 

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