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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sunny day :)

3rd day of half term, yesterday we just chilled out and watched Disney films most of the day which never ever EVER gets old! It is a lovely day today, the sun is shining, and I was able to leave house without a coat on! #bestfeeling! Even went and purchased some sun glasses, there is something about wearing sunglasses that just makes you feel.. good, or is it just me? :/

Today I took Lexi, Jake, my Mum and my Sister, Ruby to a place called space Kingdom. A lovely soft play area and the kids had so much fun.. obviously Jake didn't really know where he was.. but I bet he had fun all the same :) It was also nice to see the staff cleaning, good knowing that Lexi was playing on clean apparatus! Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any pictures :(

Jake is now 10 weeks old.. and I am still waiting for that first little chuckle.. every time I am playing with him it looks like he is trying SO hard, but just cannot squeeze one out! For the first time I put on his 3-6 months clothes, and to my surprise they fit him lovely! I think he is going to be a big boy!!

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